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Our 8th UME Encounter weekend in Sydney on 16-18 August 2019 was successfully completed!
We now have around 218 couples graduated from all weekends!

The upcoming 28-30 August 2020 weekend has been cancelled due to the pandemic. 
However the next weekend has been tentatively scheduled for 27-29 August 2021.
You can now register using this local online Registration Form or 
download and fill in the form in Brochures & Flyers section and pass it to us.

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Read the latest real testimonials from real couples who attended the weekends with more past years' on the testimonials page.

Dear Andrew & Jenny,

Yes..., we had such a great time at the UME weekend!!

It was so wonderfully planned and executed. Simply put, it exceeded our expectations!
We enjoyed every section ....Just like going on a mini honeymoon!!

The weekend never ceases to surprise us. Every day just got better.......like how it is said: “ The best is yet to come “!!

Thank you so much to all the volunteers who prepared the decorations of the rooms and dining room. You all did a fantastic job!

The Team Leader and Team Couples are to be congratulated on sharing their amazing marriage life journey.
We learn so much from you all.

God bless you all and we look forward to see you again at Core.

Thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts 💕 Johan & Doris

Dear All,

 What UME did is priceless to my ‘already great marriage’. ( Thanks ).

 I have learnt that ‘Health’ cannot stop or prevent me from showing my usual love 💕 to my wife .

 * ‘action speaks louder than  words’ so I will contact UME directly to find out anything I can help at back ‘scene’.

* I know many of you already have ‘group’ whatsapp .

So, I will be very selective & mindful on my posting .

‘invitations’ for group travel by tour ?

 In God’s Love 💕 

Leonard Lee

For the benefit of those who cannot recall who Leonard is ?

* a bald headed funny guy who share about using a sticky tape to ‘mend’ a broken heart 

and ‘A cat has nine lives’.

Good afternoon dear loving couples of UME.

 David and I are very blessed to have attended the UME weekend.  And to get to know some of you.

 We have learned heaps  and have put into practice too (some of it, anyway)  in our daily life.  Like what has been shared, marriage is liken to a lighted candle. To keep the flames🔥going, we need to work at it. 

 We believe we have a great marriage by God’s grace to begin with.  What’s been taught, shared  and demonstrated by the Team couples during that weekend has shown us that it can be better thru’ 

- honest, 

-heart to heart, 

-daily dialogues. 

We love it😍👍

Learning to express our feeling with 

-no fault finding 

-nor putting blames  

is a very good skill to have  for a great marriage. 

In fact great skill to have for any relationship. 😍👍

 Thanks you to Jenny, Andrew, Steve and Cheryl, Joanna and Selvan,  Joo San and See Thien.  

Your real life, honest sharing makes your sharing very real and special! 

 Thanks Richard on the sound desk and ALL who has played a part to make the weekend  to be a marriage transforming weekend for all who attended. 

 Jeff who came to help us with our luggage is so lovely. Service with a big, genuine smile !  

 Thanks for the heart felt letters for David and l. Believe your prayers lifted us during the weekend and make it a very lovely experience. 

 LOVE the deco in our room and all thru’ the weekend... candles and everything else❤😍👍! and we are spoiled with so much food too! No one goes hungry through out the weekend for sure. 

 Sorry if we missed out some names to say thank you to. Still on cloud nine😍

 Have a blessed marriage all your lovely couples. 

Looking forward to see you all again.

Cleo and David

Dear Andrew and Jenny, so sorry for the late reply. I just recovery from dizziness. Thanks for organized the event and all the surprise for us.  I was very sick during the UME weekend, I am not able to concentrate on all the talks, but our marriage relationship is getting one step up.  I am happy to share my feeling with my husband, before I use to hide my feeling, because our past is full of sadness and sorrow, so I don't like to recall the memories, whenever I cry, I got headache.  May be thats why I was not feeling well during the weekends. I am so sorry about that. Thanks for giving us a chance to be true to each other. 

You've Been Given a Gift...

You and your spouse have been given a gift. 

Your marriage has been given a gift. 

A married couple you might not know attended a United Marriage Encounter Weekend and gave you this gift.

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