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Our 7th UME Encounter weekend in Sydney on 11-13 August 2017 was successfully completed!
We now have around 185 couples graduated from all weekends!

Registrations are now open for the upcoming 16-18 August 2019 weekend!
You can now register using this local online Registration Form 

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Read the latest real testimonials from real couples who attended the weekends! More on the testimonials page.

"UME Weekend is a good start.  After the Weekend, we join UME CORE group.

We share with each other, we learn from each other, we pray for each other!

We feel so blessed in the core group. The CORE bring passion into our marriage!"

"We got to open up about our conflict in a positive way so we understand each other.

Every couple should get a chance to do one Weekend to gain experience and share in a positive manner."

"It opened us up enough to be able to hear each other."

“God performed a miracle on our Weekend. Not only did we encounter each other, we encountered God.

We both accepted the Lord and realized we needed Jesus to be the center of our marriage.

Praise the Lord, our marriage and lives were changed forever!”

"Walls came a tumblin' down this past weekend. If you think you have a good marriage, ask us how you can have a better marriage...

That is if you don't want to settle for an average or mediocre marriage.  We are exhausted and my eyes are swollen.

But honestly we have never been happier...not even on our wedding day!"

"Thank you for this wonderful ministry and your commitment to see marriages won for Christ.

This ministry is truly a blessing and was the best gift I think that my husband and

I could ever give to each other and to our marriage and we are quickly learning, the best gift we can give to our eight year old daughter."

"I was afraid we would be pressured into disclosing our problems to the group. It was not like that at all.

My wife and I had a much-needed opportunity to reflect and share the deeper dimensions of our life together."

"This weekend will transform your marriage from good to great, just as it has done for us."

"It has been a big blessing to us and helped deepen our relationship and taken it to a higher level."

"This is a God given encounter that brings couples back into their first love condition.

This program is of high value now days especially with so much commercial influence in life."

"We believe UME is the very best gift you can give your spouse, an unforgettable weekend."

"We think our marriage has taken a huge step toward the better and we think everyone should experience this."

You've Been Given a Gift...

You and your spouse have been given a gift. 

Your marriage has been given a gift. 

A married couple you might not know attended a United Marriage Encounter Weekend and gave you this gift.

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